A Stop In the Middle of the Road

I stopped in the middle of the road to just listen
to just feel
to just cry
to just be alone
with me and God
the rain traveled at quick pace down my scarf and to my feet
drenching me in assurance
that everything would be okay
that these deeply embedded feelings of sorrow and confusion were just temporary
temporary like this world
crying out my soul
raising my hands high to the sky
speaking words that drugged me onto my knees
to prostrate to Him
I was cold, but warm from knowing that He was listening
Where was I
Who am I
why has this world penetrated this delicate heart of mines
why has this world sucked clean every bit of my love in which I held for life
why has this world removed the human in me
for I am human
for I am love
for I am delicate
like a flower’s petals being stripped from its core as the wind blows
I felt the world stopping for me that night
I felt my eyes becoming dry
no longer able to cry these streams of tears
no longer permitted to cry about a temporary place
for I had died that night
for I had been saved by Ar-Rahman, Ar-Raheem
for my heart had been rinsed clean
my mind had been freed
my eyes were no longer blinded by this dunya
for my life had been saved that night by
As-Salam, the most peaceful one


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