From Me to Love

I wrote love a letter today
Explaining why we had to divorce yesterday
Pouring forth my intense anger
My unsolicited thoughts
Into a ten-page lament about love
And how love have left hearts broken
Broken hearts half the time hesitant about being in love
Scratching out every word denoting any sense of love
I used my permanent marker and scratched those words out
There isn’t passion, loyalty, companionship, tranquility
There is only angst, remorse, regret, hurt
Leaving the world starving for what it thought could heal its wounds-Love
Love has only disappointed
Playing cat-and-mouse with hearts
Taking us on a roller-coaster of uncertainties
Getting us ready for the great drop at our climatic peak to only leave us in sorrow and emptiness
Racing to try out this thing called love to only have us crash like raindrops upon the ground
Obliterating our unfulfilled love dreams
Castrating our want of love in this human-experience
Slicing away our every since of what it means to be human
A human in love, that is loved and want to have love
Love is just a thief
Snatching away dreams
And robbing away this wanted emotion
Making the world just a place of anger and madness
Oh how I wish I didn’t divorce you yesterday my love
But until I find true love I can’t just love the idea of love.


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