Fill Your Life With Color

Assalamu alaykom (Peace be upon you),

Recently, I’ve found myself inspired by colors and people. I think we sometimes fail to see the beauty in the world around us because we’re so preoccupied with our own lives. And I believe this is true, especially in this technologically-driven era we’re in. Ralph Emerson was a popular pastor in his time and preached Christianity, but he found Christianity as being too restricting in how one would view the beauty of God, so he looked towards nature in seeking out true beauty. And I found this quite liberating. In our everyday lives, we are constantly dealing with problems, family, strangers, work, and etc. And in doing this, we lose touch with the simple things in life. Furthermore, we lose out on the complete human-experience. When I think about Emerson I think about my own life. I think about my own complicated-and-less-than-simple way of thinking. I tend to over-think or to stress too much about things I can’t really control. However, I understand that life will happen and I need to take everyday as being my last. We all understand that life brings about death. We will return back to earth. 

In understanding this reality, I try to make peace with myself everyday. I try listening to people more closely, taking in the fresh breeze, love a little bit deeper, and even laugh a little bit more. It’s not easy to do this, but its possible. We just have to slow down sometimes. We have to enjoy the things that we have in front of us. 

Not everyday will be a great day, but everyday is a day…nonetheless. 

Find the color in your life by simply living life. Explore unexplored territory. Take chances. Take risks. Seek out opportunities. Don’t just yearn anymore, but go after. Don’t settle, but keep striving. This life we live is only something that happens once. So, go out there and fill your life with color. 


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