Think Before You Speak: Life Lesson

A few days ago, I visited a mosque to help with the iftar (break of the fast meal) with a few other women. It was our weekend to fix and to prepare a meal. So, in the midst of preparing the meal there were two women and a toddler that came into the mosque from off of the street. One of the women with the toddler asked for the restroom and one of the other sisters told her where to go. She found her way, alhumdulilah( All Praise Be to Allah). When she came out, she told us that they were homeless and came from another facility and a church had paid for a motel room for them, but were currently homeless. So, I told her I knew of a Muslim women’s shelter in the community and could try contacting someone, but in the meantime they could stay for the meal that would be served. They were excited to hear that. So, I went to get my phone and contacted a sister on Facebook I knew and tried looking up the number to the the shelter. The two women and the toddler had went outside to do something, but I continued looking for someone to contact. A few minutes later a brother came into the mosque and asked what they wanted. Myself and a few other sisters looked at one another and I finally told him that they were homeless and needed help, so I offered them the homeless shelter for Muslim women since they are women. The brother told me they weren’t Muslim and I told him that it doesn’t matter because they still need a place and they’re homeless. He told me they couldn’t be in the mosque the way they were dressed. I told him this was irrevelant and beside the point. I told him that these women and the child need a place and need help. He told me that they couldn’t come in due to their dress and the mosque has a dress-code. I told him again that the dress-code isn’t important and need to understand there are people that need help. He said he wasn’t going to argue and I told him astaghfiruallah (May Allah forgive you). He just walked away from me. Myself and the other sisters just stood there in disbelief. I went outside to see if I could find the women, but they were gone. 

What is wrong with us? Why are we stuck on the little stuff that doesn’t matter when there are bigger fish to fry? Why aren’t we thinking? Image


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