“Don’t Plant Anything But Love”


As I experience life, I must admit that love is a powerful emotion and state of being. Love penetrates every person in every way of life and culture. The need in wanting to be with someone or to be loved is something familiar all across the board. We all understand that as human-beings that love can be exciting, but also painful. 

It stirs something up within us. It makes us reach for peaks and dreams. It drives us to the edge of something or sometimes nothing. It makes us frustrated and sometimes ecstatic. And it makes us hopeful for tomorrow. 

I can honestly say that love is something powerful and beautiful. And it would be a fallacy to say that love is anything but beautiful. Once it becomes something other than beautiful then can we truly call it love? Love can’t be placed in a box or classified according to a dictionary, but its abstract. We can’t define what love is or should be. The only thing that we are quite certain of is that its beautiful and it makes us spring from the lowest of places. 

And we shouldn’t plant anything but love in this quick and fast-paced world. Allah says in the Qur’an that he made different tribes and nations so that they can know one another, not despise each other. And I believe this is beautiful. Sometimes we forget that we are all here trying to do the same thing. Just survive and make the most out of our lives and our circumstances. 

So, the next time you encounter a person try to plant love and not hate. 


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