As We Tango Our Love

The moon’s tantalizing light caught us

dancing beneathe its stars

Bodies rockin’

Swayin’ to the sweet sounds

of latin jazz

with the fusion of african drums

our hearts beating


As the smell of your dark, mystifying and euphoric cologne

entices me

seducin’ my body to tango with yours

intoxicated to the brim with the taste of your lips

Adrenaline rushing as our bodies make melodic love under these stage lights

setting the scene to our own show

the temperature rises as we come center-stage

Allowing the night to veil us in that secret place

in which we called our own

driving each other wild

as the pace of those drums had quickened

finding our bodies sweaty, aroused

with our clothes soaked in intense, sensual passion

the air smelled of something like love and euphoria

enchanting our hearts to murder each other

resurrecting in each other’s kisses

Captivating one another to hold tighter

to cling

to firmly grasp each other’s bodies

as if the the world was ending

and the judgment day was here

and the flames of hell were seeping through the cracks of Earth

We were going to dance the night away

Fill our hearts up with this blissful enchantment

Dive head-first into this sea of boundaryless rapture

and confiscate each other’s heart

And tango like there was no tomorrow.


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