Tonight, Our Bodies Performed Worship

You unwrapped me like a gift
Placed me within your hands
and explored every part intricately
as if you were too shy to touch
or too shy to hold for too long
and I yearned for every moment
and craved for every second
for this was our calling
our time for the joining two hearts and bodies
where daylight hours fused with the night
the sounds of birds became the sounds of night owls
as we cradled each other’s bodies
closely and intimately
chasing our unrestrained desires
in search of the One
both untouched and confused on what to do
or where to go
so we became like domesticated animals seeking to run astray
from restrictions
and we soared and became uncivilized in this mutual gift-offering
taking each other higher
and I crashed upon you like a waterfall
and you drove me up to the Heavens and back again
making me speak the tongue of angels
Carrying me up through the skies upon your wings
and sending me back home again
You anointed the inner-goddess in me
Venerating this deed as being an act of worship
You and I reaching the Divine.
This slow, but intense infiltration upon my soul gets my body protesting
yelling, grabbing and seeking no more
and you increase this unmasked passion
and make me reach what isn’t of this world
arriving oh so gradually to my fullest potential
and you cry out in rage
in anger
and continue in this journey of ours
creating a bliss unknown to any other
and I am buried beneath your temple
as I come to give you this offering
as you cascade over me
offering me your gift
and we rise among the stars
and we settle upon the galaxies
not yet fulfilled and satisfied
so we continue climbing and extending
ourselves toward the highest of all places
and fall down to only find our bodies
shaking uncontrollable
with lucid excitement
and we crescendo gradually
and settle upon each other’s shores
where we lie exposed and vulnerable
seeking only the pleasure of the Divine and the Most High
for tonight we performed worship and we reached a place where no other has gone


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