A King's Delight

My king, sit at this lovely table for two.
And indulge your most desirous cravings
By filling up your glass to the brim
Letting it flow if need be
Then take a sip or two
Following it up with a juicy and savory
piece of steak with roasted potatoes
My king, allow the beckonings of your heart to spring forth
And become moved into ecstasy
Allowing your fingers to find fancy in hot and fresh apple pie
My king, let your mind run wild
And become entranced
Serve yourself up a piece of cake or two
Let your eyes run limp and become settled upon this table of plentiful delights
And your heart find peace and contentment in your most dashing queen
For my love is for no other except for you
Where you’ll find my passion as being like a full-course meal
Satisfying and most fulfilling
Never leaving you hungry
Never leaving you to seek out others
But always keeping you yearning and begging for more
Keeping you settled upon your throne
And I upon mines
For my king, let’s sit at this table for two and become each other’s temptress.


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