Where Do You Stand?

Assalamu alaykom,

Where do you stand? The question isn’t about your current, physical geographical location. The question is philosophical. As a consumer in our global-community what are you doing to better this planet? Are you one of those people that just sit around for a better day to come? Are you expecting “those” activists to come on television to change the world? Unfortunately, you are mistaken to think that activism is specific to a special person. We are all activists- some of us are just simply inactive. As long as we are here and living we are playing a role. We are either making the world better or not.

The state of the world is in disarray. There are children being killed on a daily-basis from war, people living under the poverty-line, homelessness, starvation, sex slavery, lack of education, gendered-crimes committed, rapes, and etc in our world. All of these crimes against humanity is happening in our neighborhoods, cities, villages, countries, and regions. These crimes against humanity can be stopped if you stand up for those that can’t do it alone. Oppression can be fought, so never think you can’t help a cause. Everyone can do something- small or big. It is our choice to be lazy or to be active in the world in which we live in on a daily basis.

Do not stand on the wrong side of the fence. Do not choose to straddle between the two sides. Find your side and hope that it’s the right one. There is never an excuse for oppression. Figure out where you stand right now. Elevate your knowledge of the world by reading, interacting, asking questions and seeking out truth(s). Be willing to change your line of thinking for what is in the direction of truth and honesty. Never settle for idleness and doubt. Find certainty in your heart. Allow the knowledge that you seek become penetrable into your heart. Let it sink in and stay. Growth sometimes come with pain and in that we develop as individuals. The world simply need people with big ideas and drive. Get others to help in a cause or causes. Spread the word. Inspire others with your knowledge. Share it wherever you may go.

The road you may tread upon may be hard at first, but remember that the struggle is worth the end result. It may be a little foggy and dark, but remember that knowledge is true freedom. And down that road is light. So, as you travel down this road to enlightenment never give up. Always cling to your heart for the heart is never wrong.

So take a stand right now.


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