Do You Fear or Seek to Challenge?

Assalamu alaykom everyone,

I’m very sorry to disrupt the peace in your head, but we must come to a consensus right now. We must all agree that we will not live in fear. We will not fear asking those questions that can challenge the very foundation of who we are as individuals. These questions will vary from one person to the next. We are all different and experience different realities, so will may find ourselves having to write down our thoughts. Or for some of us we may find ourselves shutting off the television, putting away our cell-phones and just asking those questions. Why is that many of us live in fear of seeking those truths? Why do we simply continue to live our lives in a way that is dogmatic? We have to challenge ourselves. We have to seek out answers.

In a conversation today, I had to ask myself a question that made me realize just how important it is for us to challenge ourselves. We have to tackle those question within us. We all have them, but some of us simply seek to ignore them. What does it mean to challenge and to question? Why is this considered a taboo? Isn’t conquering your fears apart of growing as a person?

Many times we travel upon this journey of life and just travel. We never stop to ask why we are traveling the route we are going. We never ask if the destination is appropriate. We simply just follow a path. We sometimes take for granted the things that we have in our lives because we never think deeply about our own blessings. What implications do our lives have? How are your choices connected to the next person? And these are personal questions we have to ask ourselves when seeking to challenge who we are and what we want to become.


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