Marriage: Why the problems? Disconnect? Taboos? Choice?

Assalamu alaykom everyone,

It is easy to look at the stories of people’s marriages and get deterred from getting or going forth in being married. However, Allah and the example of the prophet Muhammad sallalahu alayhe wasalam (peace be upon him) gives us the ideals of marriage and ways to go about in creating happy homes, families and marriages. Sometimes we have a rigid understanding of marriage and fall into believing that marriage can only occur at a certain place, in a certain time, with a certain person, and under certain guidelines. We don’t always look at Islam from a broad sense, but we sometimes limit ourselves due to parents, cultural, and societal norms. However, what does Islam say? What options do Islam give to us?

I believe this video by Khalid Latif is self-explanatory and informational. I believe this was the first lecture I have listened to that allows an individual to see the various ways of getting married. Also, it looks at realistic issues that are facing various Muslim communities. I think it is important for communities to have this conversation because many things are going unsaid about things that are happening on a day-to-day basis. The issues that we hear about and see are problematic because many of these issues are preventable and solvable. However, if we stay ignorant and close-minded to these realities then we can never solve the problems that we see and hear about within our communities.


4 thoughts on “Marriage: Why the problems? Disconnect? Taboos? Choice?

  1. wa alaykum salaam wa rahmatullaah, jazakumullaahu khayran for the effort Lauren Anderson. I really appreciate your passion for writing and sharing knowledge.  barakallaahu feenaa wa feekum. 

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