A Dedication to My Friends

Assalamu alaykom ,

I absolutely love my friends and can say they are all unique. I think I underestimated the diversity of my friends. I never knew how beautiful they all are in their own ways. I think sometimes we overlook people and never really see what makes them special. This may be apart of how Allah always tell us that he will take away the most dearest of things away from us in order to test us. When he takes away these things, I begin to truly appreciate the things we are given. However, is His taking away of these things another reason for us to truly find beauty in whatever we are given?

I know many parents with children, but they never really spend time with them. They work very hard, alhumdulilah but they aren’t there. They never take out time to know their child(ren). However, a parent will mostly likely say that they are just working so that their children can have what they didn’t have. Unfortunately, many children don’t understand that concept. All that most children know is that their parents aren’t there. And most parents would be saddened if anything was to happen to their baby girl and boy. I guess this just makes us recognize how important time is. Allah calls himself time. Allah is time. He is the controller of time. And at anytime He can take away things and people from us.

And by realizing this, I appreciate my friends. They are my supporters and helpers. They strengthen me and give me guidance. They provide me with laughter when I am sad and reality when I am stuck in romanticism. They connect me to a deeper-me. They make me see realities that I may not be aware of. And being around friends like this is just a blessing. It make you realize that the world is not just about you. It make you appreciate the diversity that is definitely apparent…or maybe not so apparent. I am very happy to have the friends that I have. I love them so much. And I appreciate them. I have learnt so much from them. It’s my only hope that I am a good of a friend to them as they are to me. They are just truly beautiful inside and out.


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