On That Day In Which We Meet

I just want to kiss your words
Inhale them carefully
Let them penetrate my heart
and just lay next to you
these hands of mines
would hold our secrets
and this heart of mines
would only pump this intense love that I have for you
I would leave the door to my heart
open for you
let you walk in and settle
ride upon my inner-most secrets
leaving me exposed and vulnerable
because I love you
and I want you to know that
this delicate heart of mines will be yours
for exploration
letting our lives become one
allowing our love to intensify
creating a world of our own
I want us to make melodies
to last a lifetime
covering me in this endless bliss
I want to know you
know what makes you cry, what makes you scared, what makes you nervous
So take me as I am and call me your only love
I beg you to carry me off to distant lands
so I can spend more time with you
have moments to get to know you
I just want to get lost in you
and find myself in you
I want you to hold me
and never let go
become my world
and I becoming yours
I am dying to compose our song
our lyrics to our song without an ending
put on our dancing shoes and dance our pain away
holding each other so close
so intensely
that nothing
that no thing/person
can intervene
Take my hand, my love
Gather your life and let me gather mines
and let us get lost in each other’s hearts
allow the rhythms of our heart beats
drive us to listening to the beauty of life
I want you to hold me
and let our hearts
beat together
as one
finding nothing/no one
coming between us
for that day in which we meet
we will create an eruption upon the lands
a tidal wave in an ocean
rock the earth with an earthquake
create a resurrection
in which you and I
will transcend/ascend
to a world where angels dance
and fairies laugh
where love is endless
and without pain
where I will become you
and you will become I
where we are one
that nothing/no one
can separate us
because on that day
we will be more than two people
seeking another
we will be one seeking only each other


4 thoughts on “I Just Want

  1. assalaamu alaykum.  I read almost everything you post, though this may be a very good composition it may not necessarily fulfil the right thinking of a conscious muslimah to love. I will like you to be very careful in your choice of words so that you don’t copy the kufaar in there ways of thinking and saying things. I pray that Allaah bless you in your affairs Lauren. 

    Send from Samsung Mobile

    • Wa alaykom salaam, JazakAllahu khayran for reading my posts. I understand what you’re saying about my writing but I don’t seek to write for anyone but myself. I don’t want to sound or write in a way that isn’t me. Many people may want to restrict me in what I say but I don’t want to do that to myself. I am human just like everyone else and the way I feel is special to me. Some people may not be ready for that and that’s okay. Kufaar thinking? Akhi, I am a human being. This has nothing to do with thinking like the kufaar. This has everything to do with my own experiences and feelings. Just because I am muslim doesn’t mean I should stop feeling or experiencing my life in my own way.

  2. Who knows what ive been through? Who knows what ive thought of and what I truly feel? For if you are not me how can you see what I’ve seen? Who understands me? Allah, that’s who. Allah knows what we think, how we feel and who we really are. AsalamuAlaykum 🙂

    • Wa alaykom salaam! These words are truly beautiful. These words are truly words unspoken for me. MashALLAH! Much wisdom is said in these words. Much wisdom. “Who knows what I’ve been through? Who knows what i’ve thought of an what I truly feel? For if you are not me how can you see what I’ve seen? Who understands me? Allah, that’s who” WOWWWW! MashALLAH!

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