Mom, Dad...I Hope You're Proud of Me

Tonight, I cracked open this heart
Climbed in
And began seeing your mark on the interior of my very being
Being so immersed within this soft, but tender heart
I found nothing but your mark being scattered everywhere
within me
Your love, your words, your advice
And your guidance as being like the staff of Moses
most powerful and revolutionary
Telling me to only strive for greatness and nothing less than the best
Instilling in me self-confidence and motivation
to reach for my dreams
and to mark up the walls of the world with my signature
change the place in which we call our home
and make revolutions flourish like wildfires
commit poetic crimes and be my own voice
have my own voice
seek to be nothing but a leader
strive in being nothing but myself
and to never allow anyone to slay me into silence
My parents, my loves
I dedicate these words to you
every pen-stroke
every sentence
every page
every tear that I have shed internally
because you are indeed apart of me
as I am apart of you
and that’s beautiful

Oh Lord, give these two individuals the best of this world and give them the best of the hereafter. Ameen.


One thought on “Mom, Dad…I Hope You’re Proud of Me

  1. So long as Allah is proud of you, your parents should be too for Allah loves what is good. Something tells me your parents are very much proud of you.

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