Poetry: Nothing Tastes, Nothing Looks, Nothing Feels, Nothing Glistens, Nothing Sounds, Nothing

Nothing taste as sweet as accomplished dreams.
Nothing looks as beautiful as a child’s smile after eating cake.
Nothing sounds as lovely as birds chirping at the time of Fajr.
Nothing feels as warm as hot chocolate being placed upon lips in cold weather.
Nothing glistens as beautifully as a tear that drips from a mother’s eyes upon giving birth to her first child.
Nothing shatters as harshly as a broken heart after giving it away to a special someone.
Nothing hurts as much than the feeling of being homeless after having a home.
Nothing aches as horribly than the feeling of not having food to give to one’s children.
Nothing screams fear more than a war that unravels everyday in the lands of those here and there.
Nothing is as confusing as a bloody moon that settles to bed young children with the hopes of a fairy-tale world like in Disney movies.
Nothing is as complex as a child looking on the television screen to see an image other than themselves.
Nothing is as crumbling as a young soul that is struggling to figure out the world through the eyes of an adult.
Nothing is as heart-wrenching as seeing the passing of money to different hands in efforts of expanding in a world in which stomaches are being constricted due to hunger.
Nothing is as unsatisfying than the tears that one sheds upon seeing another bill that can’t be paid this month.
Nothing yells anger than a mother that will conceive a baby that will unleash thoughts of her rapist every time she looks into her young babe’s eyes.
Nothing bleeds more than gunshot bullets penetrating idle bodies in houses of supposed safety.
Nothing injures more than those that seek to censor creative minds from innovating.
Nothing is as hypocritical as a president that screams change and democracy when his own people are starving and dying within his own streets and backyard.
Nothing cries more than those that release tears of struggle upon empty pages within journals and diaries that lays cracked open under bed-sheets and in empty corners of the world.
Nothing tugs and pulls as much as a child-slave laboring to harvest chocolate in West Africa.
Nothing suffers as much internally as innocent children and women are trafficked across borders and into dark warehouses and alleys by their purchasers.
Nothing feels as sickly as a partner that has contracted AIDS/HIV from their partner.
Nothing feels as broken as a back that lays shattered upon broken dreams at night as they fear eviction papers from not having enough pennies to rub together to make rent money for the month from working a low-wage paying job.
Nothing damages a strong-will more than a will that has weakened from too many obstacles and bad experiences.
Nothing is not a determiner of your tomorrows.
Nothing can be the determiner of the future in which you hold in your hand.
Nothing is better than being here.
Nothing is better than being alive.
Nothing is better than nothing because nothing can stop you.
Nothing can hold back the power that lies within the heart of the determiner.


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