i love u.

and not just for the sake of my Lord.
or for the sake of good.

I love you for no reason.

no longing has every lived in my heart, resided in my chest,
filled my every breath, or taught me how much of myself has not ever been mine…until this

i would have never begged.


use my body in remembrance of your Lord
use my body in remembrance of your lust
turned into love
turned into life
within me
sacred secret
held in silence
upon me

your breath is sweet
enough to swallow

i love you
riddled with scars
wounds in parts
that are hidden
and holy
and lonely

for your return

i gave birth to your nation
before you decided to leave me
now im left with tribes
that must be tended to
memories that must be remebered

i was once so beautiful that you could not
bring your eyes to greet my grace
bring your eyes to see my face
hold my scent you seek to trace
my sweetnees in my absence
my secret since then has been
a love story told
leaving out all the good parts
bleeding still
my poor heart

for brown girls that love too hard
against hessitation
seeking our fathers faces
in men we dont recognize
in love that wont compromise
for brown women that
stand by your side
because we know our absence
will disable you
render you def dumb and blind

my love is my art
that is too abstract for you to honor
so i will bless you
in your worst of times
by remaining loyal
even when you walk away -Liza Garza

This is a very beautiful poem! I really do love it because it says so much in just a few lines. 




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