She Walked Off and Left Her Prayer Rug with Me!

The majority of Muslims that I know usually find themselves pacing up and down hallways to find an empty room to pray in. Or they may find themselves praying in between book-shelves in libraries or under staircases. However, I usually try to resort to a classroom, if possible. It’s just apart of going to school. Sometimes you have to become creative and just pray anywhere…even in a parking-lot.

So, today wasn’t any different from yesterday for me or any other Muslim. I had to scout out a place to pray. It was time for salatul-dhur, the middle-of-the-day prayer. In preparing to pray, I had to make a quick stop to the ladies’ room to make wudu(ablution) to purify myself. After making wudu, I got on my game face. I was in search of a room…any empty room. I pulled out my tactics for such a search. I was adamant that I would find a room without having to trudge to another building for a place to pray. So, I started to walk down the hall and found an empty room that was dark. Yes, this was perfect. I walked into the empty room and almost had a heart-attack. I knew I would be meeting the Creator at that point. I saw a person in the room. I almost fainted. I definitely wasn’t expecting that. However, it was another Muslimah making salatul-dhur. So, I closed the door and turned on the lights.

I took my place, faced the qiblah(Mekkah) and started to pray. As I was praying, she placed her prayer rug in front of me. I didn’t have one on me. So, I thought that was really cool. I continued to pray and she left the room. After I prayed, I folded up the mat and thought she would be waiting on me so I could return to her the mat. Nope, she was gone. I searched the computer-lab that was across the hall and the ladies’ room, but nothing. I couldn’t believe it. She walked off and left her prayer-rug with me. Alhumdulilah. All praise be to Allah. I will never forget this deed. She gave her fellow sister a prayer-rug to pray on. She didn’t have to do that. She could’ve just prayed on it and took it with her, but no. She gave it to me to pray on. SubhanALLAH, All praise be to Allah. I will never forget this day.

How many of us just do a good deed and not necessarily want anything back for doing it? I’m not sure if she had to do something or rush-off, but she left her mat with me. All I can do is hope to see her and make du’a (supplication) that I am able to return her mat and that she get rewarded immensely for such a beautiful deed. May Allahswt forgive her of her sins and give her jannatul-firdaws. Ameen ya rubb!


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