The Importance of Books

In many ways, I tend to read alot of different things. I really try to refrain from restricting myself. Yes, there are some things in which I will never read. However, I found myself getting into science-fiction after being told to read Olivia Butlers’ Lilith’s Brood (formerly the Xenogenesis trilogy). I didn’t read it all, but the parts that I did read was fascinating to me. I found the different issues surrounding: sexuality, race, post-human, the ‘other’, and the apocalypse as being eye-opening and insightful for many reasons. It was after being told to read this science-fiction literary work that I was opened to this particular genre. Now, I will not say that I read science-fiction on a daily-basis or even on a weekly-basis, but I am open to it. However, in my quest of reading whatever is placed within my lap I have found myself really learning alot about various things. I believe your mind is opened up to different perspectives and realities. So, this need or importance in reading books is really that- a need. Yes, some people will say “stay clear of reading too many of them books,” but I laugh at such a comment. I believe if people actually picked up a book, read the content and analyzed what they were reading than they would probably feel the same as me.

However, if someone prefers to stick to just religious-texts than that’s quite fine too. I think religious-texts serves the same function(s) as other books. Religious-texts serves to look at different stories most times to give individuals different realities and perspectives to learn from and analyze. If we were to look at the Qur’an, we would see how God places stories of those that came before as a means in teaching the people of now about their errors, their obstacles, their accomplishments and their trials. It serves as a foundation for you in guiding you in how to think and how to live. Also, it can function as being a means into helping you in sorting through the problems and encounters that you have in your personal-life. And stories tend to relate more to people and allows for individuals to feel connected on a very interpersonal level. However, religious-texts are sacred and holds a sacred function that secular-texts will not serve.

So, I believe books serve various functions no matter if they are sacred or secular. In many ways, books can humanize us. It allows us to jump within the lives of others and it allows us to see the vices of life.These aren’t the only reasons why books are important, but they can be the foundation of why we may begin reading.


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