We Are More than Dreams Deferred: A Dedication to Those Seeking to Leave A Legacy

We are people
We are people always seeking to find greatness in ourselves
But as people we sometimes fall short of seeing our magnificence
For He above the Heavens have placed within us miracles
Miracles, as in dreams
But our dreams are sometimes just blueprints
Blueprints laying limp like unbirthed dreams
Waiting for someone to give us the go-ahead
The green-light
The wave
The nod
The sign
So today
Right now I’m telling you
At this moment
That we will birth greatness.
Give rise to something more than limp dreams dangling amidst our doubts
We will set aflame our resurrected dreams
that’s been deeply hidden in the cemetery of our souls.
And climb from beneath the rubble of our yesterdays
And let our caged-birds take flight
Become like children again
Finding the infinite beauty that lies within our sacred souls
Peeling away restrictions
Any sense of doubt
Letting our imagination sketch dreams into reality
Become renegades for action
Never allowing the world to silence our hands from taking action
For we can be sunrises awakening into full bloom
Become galaxies unfolding/unraveling
Stars/constellations lighting up our darkness
And discover the hidden treasures
that lies beneath the inner-most parts of our beings
Yes, we
We are blueprints
Blueprints sketched out in our souls
Drawn into perfection
Perfection still sitting on the edge of our tomorrows
Our dreams
Sometimes just hidden dreams
Lying lonely in caskets
Dreams deferred
Put on hold
Put on idle
Put on standby
But we, we are more than dreams and blueprints deferred
We are galaxies in motion
We are centuries entrenched in countless wisdom
Wisdom unimagined
We are galaxies outstretched wide
Wide as in you
You are stars, dust, and cosmic rays
Spun together like a record
Spinning together your endless magnificence
And there is nothing more magical than that evidence
We are miracles standing on the edge of our greatness
Within you is something sacred
For He above the heavens is always guiding us
Keeping his eyes on us
Pushing us to soar/to fly
To become more than broken/deterred/deferred dreams
So, dig within the galaxy in you and
make the stars brighten up the path from within
let them uncover/discover the key to your souls
for your dreams has been locked away too long
hidden beneath the rubble of your doubts/uncertainties
Set your life/your dreams into motion
Let your dreams climb out of their caskets and join in this dance/ in this festival
Let your dreams illuminate/ let them shine
Let the magic/this abundance of magic that is unraveling within your soul
To come center-stage to perform
And grab onto those dreams of yours and fling them open wide
For we will never be broken sunsets/falling/shattering/ within the doubts and uncertainties of our dreams
So, side-steps those doubts and dance to the tunes of your magnificence
Take your hands and unravel those bonded/contained dreams of yours
For today, we will stop writing eulogies for our dreams and make our dreams apart of our realities.


One thought on “We Are More than Dreams Deferred: A Dedication to Those Seeking to Leave A Legacy

  1. Asalamualakum. Your definitely not like the rest, I mean that in a good way.
    Nothing has changed. Physically, everything remains the same. But inside a thought, a feeling now turns your light to an enormous flame. That burning desire is partly to blame (subhannaAllah) for the changes thay are going to be made. You will have many choices you must make but undoubtedly you belive that everything around will change. This will be because in sha Allah inside you are not the same. Life is but a test to see who amongst us will try our very best and who amongst us will give up like all the rest.
    Keep at it. This world needs more people like you, who try their very best. Allahuakbar

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