Where Have You Been, Lauren?

Yes, I’ve been absent for the last week or so. However, my short hiatus has allowed for me to focus on school. This is my last semester until graduation. If everything goes well, I will have my Bachelor’s in English. It’s been a long adventure within academia. There’s been many ups and downs in this journey of mines. Nevertheless, this journey is riveting and exciting all at the same time. I’ve found myself growing and maturing along the way.

In saying all of this, I will start blogging regularly now. There’s many things I have experienced during this last week. So, why not blog about it? I think I will. I’m not sure where to start though. There are so many things to tackle. I guess I will start on the things that are really on my mind. Sadly, that really doesn’t narrow down many things on the list of topics I could talk about on my blog. I’m saddened by this, but don’t you be saddened. Oh no, there’s no need for any of that. There’s some great things in store for those that are patient. So, keep your eyes peeled for some interesting posts.

Stay connected to the blog! Keep your prayers up! Spread love! Email me if you would like to be a guest writer.


4 thoughts on “Where Have You Been, Lauren?

      • I erred when I tried to log back on here, now I must wait before I can log on with my new password. Better that I take my time and consider my words carefully before I respond to your poetry, prose and other writings. You deserver at least that much respect, at least.

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