The Song of Struggle: My Litany, My Prayers for the Mothers of the World

I’ve seen mothers’ backs broken in two

Too much of the world trying to keep them down

while they hold up their households

This is my litany for them

my prayers

sending up my prayers for them

through these tears/my open hands facing God’s heavenly skies

Dear Allah,

I’ve seen broken sunsets in her eyes

struggle flowing through her tears

strength dancing in her words

But God/Allah

I’ve seen her broken in the places she’s too blind to see

I’ve seen agony lying awake too many nights in the bed of her thoughts

I’ve seen her assasination take place right before my eyes

her beautiful face looks back at me when I see

the image in the mirror that stares back at me

She is 400 years entrenched in pain and struggle

nestled in the broken and shattered dreams of her yesterdays

dangled deep within her most sacred and worthy soul

Believe me when I say that she’s my best teacher, Allah

She’s too worthy to be employed for anyone but you

I’ve seen her carve away too many parts of herself

for us to have the love we need to be sustained in this world of illusions and deceptions

My tears drop like bombs whenever I see tears drop from her most beautiful brown and hurting eyes

Her eyelids drooping over the windows of her tattered/abused/scared soul

If I could catch her tears before they fall/shattering upon these unworthy streets

I would

I would wipe away her pain/hold onto her tears/stitch up her ripped and torn heart

and let her know that I love her

that her tears will never be worthy of being dripped/dropped upon these less-than-sacred grounds

Because I haven’t heard her sing the song of life yet Allah

even through the beauty of her spirit

she’s been kept down for too long

kept imprisoned to this struggle

this problem

this issue

this matter of womanhood/motherhood

she’s died too many times for everyone else

I’ve seen her traveled down these endless roads of pain

far too long

Ya Allah, Oh God

for every tear she sheds

for every ounce of pain she feels

for every part of herself she carves out for the world

please give her endless mercy

fill her tears with joy

in between of her pain and hopelessness

give her strength

in the burial site of her soul

resurrect life within her deadened body

in the privacy of her soul

release the dreamer in her

let her dream in color again

let her back become more than just a resting ground for the world

to lie upon

make her feel love again like the taste of hot-chocolate in cold weather

make her hear the birds sing her song of joy through their whistling

let her fling her arms open wide and hug herself in her shattered tunes of overcoming

let her dance upon these streets of hardship and find beauty in her days of struggle

let her write her story through the lives of her children

so that they can learn

so that they can know

so that they can understand that life is not without its struggles

that living is not without its pain

that living is not without its infinite beauty of struggle and pain and overcoming


Dear Allah,

Let the mothers of the world know that I love them

Let them know that my love is deeply buried in the broken sunsets of my mother’s soul

Let them know that I love them for I’ve seen the struggles of a struggling mother

Let them know that my tears will never stop bleeding in love of them

Let them know that my heart will do nothing but pump endlessly with them in mind

that I will count my days and nights with them on my mind

that I will pray that their children/my children will keep in mind our mothers/their mothers

Let them know that their children/my children will never ask if their mother love them

even if she’s too far gone in her own struggles



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