The Start of My Story

I am ideas dancing off of the insides of my skull
Prayers bleeding through my tears being offered up to
the Creator above the heavens
Love standing naked alongside their lust
A tongue in movement of you to keep you in remembrance
while my heart skip beats for you
whoever you may be
Ears rushing to hear the brushing of leaves against the ground in autumn
with a nose yearning to make love to hot, fresh brewed coffee in the midst of winter
Eyes racing across the inside of my eyelids as I remember the vision of us being revolutionaries

Sometimes it seems like I die on the daily
To only resurrect in my tomorrows
revealing the fragile parts of me
Hard on the outside like bark on trees
soft on the inside like cotton

and I wonder if the world know
that I have fallen in love with life
with ideas and words
love and the endless possibilities of my
today and tomorrow and future

but i am scared
sometimes lonely
making these tears
my prayers
my litanies


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