A Love So Deep at 21

I never thought I could love like this
Feel this into you with this much passion
And I blush just seeing you
You remind me of the perfect apple pie
the perfect snow-cone
the sweetest piece of cake
It feels as if we have known each other forever
There is something about you that moves me
that excites me
that makes my adrenaline rush
and I promised I would never hurt you
because you are apart of me
as I am apart of you
I can feel the strength in your words
the conviction in your actions
the beauty of your imperfections
there is something that draws me to you
like a child and candy
at 21 years old
I am impressed by you
sometimes hurt too
but I am pleased to say that I love you
that I accept your imperfections
and the wounds that lies deep within your soul
maybe we’re naive or too young to understand these feelings
but we aren’t perfect
and we weren’t made to be

So, I look into myself to find me sitting at the gate of my heart
scarred in imperfections and wounds
with the beauty of my yesterdays and todays

So, I opened up the door to my heart to find the essence of me
there all along waiting on me to fully accept who I am
inside and out


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