Your Questions

You ask why I think so much
Why I tend to bury my thoughts between the pages of my notebooks
And you wonder why I find solace in the chaos of my mind
Where there is nothing but complexity

And I laugh at your questions
Not really knowing how to answer or what to think since I think more than I write
Sometimes feeling like a bird in flight, so I just go without any intended destination
Or sometimes I just sit idle in the bed of my thoughts


2 thoughts on “Your Questions

  1. Someone once told me in anger “you think too much”, I smiled and said nothing. I do think alot and try to avoid shayton and my own distractions. Rather, I feel like I dont think enough. Allah gave us a mind to use for a reason. We shouldn’t let others do our thinking for us. SubhannaAllah, the tools are in place and we need to use what Allah has given us. Asalamualakum

  2. JazakAllahu khayr! Yes, that’s very true. I refuse to allow anyone to think for me because we all have minds for thinking and for reasoning, alhumdulialh.

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