This is the End

I never thought this would be the last time your name would cross my lips
that your name would bring me pain and angst about my next beginnings
i wonder how the others dealt with this kind of pain/this kind of rejoice/this kind of beginning
i’ve never thought I would turn away from your sweet embrace
because you’ve always been there
your arms would wrap me tight within the darkness of night and hold me close
to never let me go
until now
i repeat your name and you aren’t there
i cry out in rage and you simply listen
until now
i have unwrapped your arms from around my body and have wrapped myself up
in my own sweet embrace
but I am scared
without you I am alone
crying out with your name sweet on my lips
buried in the innermost part of my heart
where the secrets of life lies
and you are absent
does your phone not ring
does your messages not come through
where are you
my tears are dropping like bombs upon these bloody streets
my hands are emptied of nothing but hope
but my heart is buried in its casket
where are you
what must I do to hear you
to feel you one last time
to sleep peacefully tonight
why must this be our end
when you were the beginning


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