The Transcendence of Mind and Body

Love came racing down my spine as it arched its way into climax
as I drew myself higher within the confines of my imagination
beads of sweat swayed seductively along every curve of my body
something happened that night
when I carved out my soul
with eyes shut and heart open-wide
my body sung its song
while my feet danced the lyrics of a songbird setting free
I left the world that night
and transcended what was at that very moment
setted aside all doubts, delivered up my body
leaned into the open-space
fell gently in love with the soft and somber breeze
of night-time and redemption

love was written in fire across my body
set aflame
it was my night
the unveiling of womanhood cracked open
with passion dancing through my veins
Palms sweaty with dropped tears of frustration
I raged war against myself
Undressed my soul
Soared like a caged bird
Ripped out my ego
and made prayers through the rhythmic love being made in this intimacy
between body and spirit
in the width of my arms outstretched wide
I was my own lover kissing myself tenderly
exploding like a volcano erupting
as danger fluttered across my lips
as my lips mumbled words of life
in the places where death lived

That night I transcended mind and body
through the dance of life


2 thoughts on “The Transcendence of Mind and Body

    • Its not really that angry. Its more about a woman experiencing her higher-self during dancing. I was at a Somali-wedding reception and the women were dancing to a folk song. In the singing and dancing of this folk-song, you can see in the body-language of these women that they were experiencing a spiritual awakening or they were becoming at one with themselves. It was very moving to watch. And thats really interesting because only other women would be able to describe this space since its only women within this space.

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