She Found Herself Coming Back to the Divine

Tears danced, dripping from her eyes in need
in want/in search for the Creator
Hands outstretched/open-wide
Trembling in the offering of her heart
The world disappeared/fleeting to only leave her alone
in the meeting between her and her Lord
The mumbling of her words/her silent prayer
said in tears/prounounced in hurt/in search of the One
became the vaccine for the sickness
that resided in the broken parts of her soul
the most intimate parts of she that cried out in rebellion
against the darkness that prevailed through every crevice of her internal self
For too long she lost touch with the Creator
the Truth
Her sealed-shut heart beckoned to be explored
to become a playground of exploration
to be set aflamed
ignited by the Divine
Her brown, almond-shaped eyes/windows of her soul
watched the clouds saunter across God’s heavenly skies
with the sun’s rays peeking through/kissing her paralyzed body
Her feet/dug beneathe the beach’s warm sand/felt worms cuddling their way between her toes
she sat in the midst of her broken self departing/
reaching far within her innermost self to trust the One
the Haqq/the Truth
to create distance between her and that which brought doubt
the ocean’s breeze seduced her to open her mouth open-wide
to taste its beauty nestled in the salt particles of the sea
with her ears entranced in the sounds of ocean tides rushing upon the beach’s shore
She/a soul among many/ in search of Truth
Leaned into/reached within/ her former-self
The roaring ocean tides in the deep depths of her soul settled
quietly/quiet was the sound of the world breaking free in the prison of her soul


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