A Folklore to be Told

You whispered to me
as my head rested upon your chest
as the stars and the moon witnessed this Most Divine intervention
me, you, stood isolated from the world, but most present to everyone
and the air was cold, but your words were most warm and soothing
and I didn’t want to leave, to go
To forget the feeling of locked eyes, inviting conversation, and a warm heart
Our bodies touched, your hands interlocked with mines, our hearts and souls in sync, our pain collapsing into love set aflame, sending doubts and uncertainties asunder
that night, a folklore was made, to be remembered, to be retold by generations to come


4 thoughts on “A Folklore to be Told

  1. What an Irony? “I am happy being single, I am very creative, I have no need for a partner”

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