Shatter the Chains of Your Suffering

I’m not sure how to cure a wounded heart, a shattered soul
or where to even begin
when did God entrust me to piece together gathered parts of you that made you whole?
holy, I am not
nothing or no person can spare you other than you
you must untie/unloosen/untangle the chains of your suffering
and become a caged bird set free
so unfold yourself, dance naked within your shattered soul
and make endless love to greatness
offer up prayers to the Most Divine
in whatever way/whatever language you can
let the Most Divine know that you’re calling
that you’re crying/that you’re screaming/that you’re needing help
and maybe just sit still
sit still at the gate of your heart and let nothing/let nobody in
but God
mark today as your beginning
as the end of what was
and fly, fly high
be freed
and rejoice in the now


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