I've Felt Many Things

I’ve felt hunger rip through me
like lightning cracking a tree in two
I’ve felt the vulnerability of a vagabond
and sometimes wondering where is home
I’ve felt isolation in a crowd of friends; how strange of me to call them friends
I’ve felt life bleed from me; from the inside-out, like the feeling of asphyxiation
I’ve seen oppression crack, rob the spirit of a mother/dousing her in infinite suffering
I’ve felt the way that drugs slice open a family/fiending for another hit/he was gone to get another high
I’ve felt the journey of nowhere as we found home in rooms
like nomads with no destination in sight
I’ve felt hurt as she plowed her fists into his body like bullets penetrating skin and tissue
I’ve felt scared when I ran to find peace away from the chaos of life/ I wonder if they knew how I was dying every second
I’ve felt lost and they weren’t even there to hold me/maybe they were too lost themselves
I’ve felt too many things to even remember the feeling of not being able to feel


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