The Journey Within

Between light and darkness is she
wrapped up in uncertainties
lies a girl so brutally bruised by the world
soaked in its pain, she drifts further away from the surface
no longer breathing, just drifting
she is somehow alive
fully aware, fully vulnerable
she is tears running free
heartache bursting into joy
scared and alone is she
a woman
cracking open beautifully like
tulips unfolding themselves
like a turtle crawling from beneath its shell
like an infant’s eyes opening for the first time
like a lonely man finding love at the most unexpected time
she is here, making her way
scraped knees, bloody tears, wounded heart
she is alive
she is well
she is free
between light and darkness
is a beautiful madness
a reckoning
a war
a journey
where she dances to the tune of her own drum
where uncertainties are welcomed
like convictions
where pain is no longer equated to suffering
she is okay and well
she is no longer at the surface
no, she is drifting
she is searching
she is free


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