The Official Unofficial List of Life-Lessons

To never be afraid to walk away from something that isn’t good for you.
To never be afraid to love again after being hurt.
To never stop fighting for what is right.
To always listen to your heart.
To maintain good ties with those that are good to you.
To always maintain your composure at all times.
To love deeply without regret.
To always be honest with yourself and others.
To find goodness in everyone.
To listen attentively when someone is speaking to you.
To find beauty in the ugliness.
To stay open-minded to the world in front of you.
To devote one’s time to that which is beneficial.
To always educate one’s self about the world.
To smile.
To always strive for justice.
To leave the world without regrets.
To not leave the world with words untold and stories unsaid.
To learn from your life-lessons.


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