That Night

Wrapped up in darkness
swallowed up by hurt
you listened to the shattered pieces of me
Me with-holding from you the bitter, angry, and chaotic parts of myself,
And you held me
facing the empty streets with lit lights, looking across our two cities, I cried internally
Gripped onto the darkness of my childhood and I shattered
You sat next to me without knowing that every word that I spoke was a part of me shattering
something happened to me that night
the night you sat with me in the spot we call our’s
death settled that night in our spot
and I wonder if you held a funeral the morning after
because there was a rebirth of me
baring my soul with you right there was death to me
your hands wrapped around mine’s felt tender
your head on my thigh was otherworldly
and I died
hearing my pain being spoken penetrated me
I was hurt, unintentionally
One must not be afraid to speak words of truth
even when one’s heart quiver and shake
I was shook/breathless/motionless
And you listened/quietly/attentively
as I swallowed my pride and told you about the rough times in my life
Just at age 22, I’ve felt like I’ve been in war
too many bruises and wounds internally to count
just stories untold to be unfolded
You slipped closer to me/hesitating/not sure on what to do
and I noticed the way you looked at me

As if I was a person you never really knew
and like untold secrets that get told, I surprised you

I’ve told you how I’ve self-medicated my soul with writing

Perusing my pain and emptying out my heart in random notebooks/ across homework/ in books/ and under my tongue

There is a cemetery inside of me where stories are buried
and that night there was a resurrection of untold stories


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