In life, you can truly go through painful moments. These moments are probably the worst moments of all because they do something to you. They create a new ‘you’ that wasn’t there before. Like anything else in life, you deal with it. However, that is too simplified of a comment to make. I am human. You are human. We are constantly whirling in and out of each other’s lives. We make a difference within the world. In reading “Anais Nin: A Woman Speaks,” Nin talks about this exact reality. We can affect the world around us and the world can affect us. As individuals, we can project certain energies outside of ourselves. If we are laughing then you may end up finding the next person laughing because of you. Yesterday, I rode my bike around and caught the bus back home. The bus-driver was extremely social and happy. She made me happy, as well. Her positive energy projected onto me. Similarly, this is like any of us. We can affect people. I can definitely say that I am certainly struggling myself with life and I could certainly project negative energy with no problem at all. However, what good does that do? What will I accomplish with this kind of attitude?

I’m not saying that we can’t be upset or even hurt because I am. I’ve felt the burning feel of just wanting to run away and leave. I’m not sure where I would go, but I would just leave. I would just isolate myself in a corner of the Earth and live. Now, I understand the unrealistic nature of this, but this is where I’ve been and where I can be. Nothing is worst than having to contend with pain. This pain can either lead to positivity or negativity. We can direct our pain into positive energy through: art, music, prayer, meditation, talking, running, writing, and etc. One thing I have learned early-on is that negative energy has to be directed or channeled in a constructive way or else it will over-take you.


5 thoughts on “Dealing with the Painful Moments

  1. This all makes perfect sense, we have a lot more choice with how we deal with difficult moments than we sometimes realise.

    • It is really hard to deal with pain. I definitely know how hard it can be. I’ve made really irrational decisions because of pain, but I have realized that we can control our reactions. We can direct our pain in a positive direction that is constructive. Thank you for your comment!

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