Don’t Come Looking For Me

I will feast away at the splendors of life

Take a big whiff of life and make passionate love to it

Scream in an orgasmic cry and celebrate the pain, the joy, the chaos of it all

I will meditate under the sun’s rays, dance furiously beneath the stars, and melt in the the pages of my poetry

I want to be stroked, to be held, to be caressed, to be kissed dangerously in full submission

I crave the intimate parts of people, the parts that are deeply hidden from public-view, but I’m a hunter seeking to save and be saved

We are too many miles away in our own worlds and its lonely there, isn’t it? 

I know how dark it is in that tunnel of a world you live in

I found myself too many friendships gone and missed 

I found myself too many lovers unexplored

I found myself too unreachable to taste the bliss of true friendships

I will marvel today and in the present

Don’t come looking for me

I’m too far gone looking for what I’ve been missing for too longImage


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