Mere Seduction That Night


It was one of those nights

We were ready to feast on each other sinfully, without regrets

Closing the door behind us, he looked at me with passion, a burning passion

And the slightest touch of our hands and our bodies became intimacy

A racing heart, increasing temperature, hungry, and needy

I watched the way he turned towards me with a glance that would entice

Grabbing a hold of my waist from behind with a slow-grind 

The moon’s gaze sneaked too many peeks upon this love affair

Without words, he guided me to the next room, unclothed his goddess

and I watched in admiration the unclothing of this most heavenly being

the night smelled of seduction and fiery passion

we became engulfed in the joining, the meeting of two hearts, two bodies

the darkness swallowed us whole without respite

this Gringo, this lover of Mexican-culture, whispered words of love, of passion, en espanol

“Te Amo, mi morenita!”

his words reaped of desire, unadulterated passion

where did he learn this foreplay?

what goddess invited him to worship love in this way? 

“te quiero”

and my body shook in want, in need of this gift-offering

he had come to my temple to worship

and I giggled in ecstasy

in madness, in anger, in uncontrollable anger

why did I not feel guilty in this?

should not the feeling of intense pleasure satisfy me

I was hungry, frustrated, in need of this

of him

of what he wanted to offer


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