A Conversation to Swallow

I guess one of the bittersweet realities that you discover when you are young is that you dont know it all. Yes, I thought I knew a little bit about life. However, my little bit of knowledge may not be enough to make conscious decisions.

In having a much needed conversation with a dear friend of mine’s, I realized my own short-comings and biases in a particular situation. As usual, I tried isolating myself from this friend because I was too afraid of the reality setting in. So, I just soaked up the conversation we had and accepted what was said.

Funny enough, this particular friend knew everything that was occuring with me. I didnt have to reveal or say much. She had pieced together the puzzle pretty quickly. In saying all of this, true friends know you even without you saying anything. I was confident that my life was as private as I once thought. Nonetheless, if you care for someone you will always keep your eyes on them. You will watch out for them no matter what. Indeed, she had did just that. She was watching me make moves in my life and would give me pieces of advice along the way.

So, in our conversation this afternoon, she told me things about herself that I didnt know about before that point. I was really surprised on one hand, but she had told me things that I could relate to. Actually, I could relate entirely to the things she was saying. I saw myself. I did. And I didnt want to see the same ending to my story. I didnt even want to admit that my story was even the same one. However, it was the case.

Sometimes  we have to face the problems and the realities that we construct for ourselves. I didnt want to, but I did. Im still trying to do so. It is a work in progress. Im having to face the hard issues even when I dont want to. She, a dear friend, never stopped being a friend and allowed me the space to make my own decisions. She would offer advice but knew I had to make choices that I would regret or learn from. Ultimately, I learned that you are never truly alone. You really arent.


One thought on “A Conversation to Swallow

  1. you didn’t even realise that yet, I bet you will understand it better later in the future inshaa Allaah. 

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