In Search of You

I was told I was redeemed, as it would seem
That la ilaha illallah would forever keep me under the protection of the divine
And everyday is like judgment time when I face the image in the mirror
Fear looking back
Track/ have I lost track/gone off of track because of the crust suffocating this beating heart
Personal desires is like tyranny/trapping you/keeping you chained up/ am I my own worst enemy?
Tragedy, this is a tragedy
In between the lost prayers of yesterday and the surahs that pass my lips today, I dance on eggshells
I was never out of the Divine’s sight/fight/ I have put up a fight to find beauty in ugliness
Never giving up on you/the spirit of what you sent to your prophets by way of Gabriel
A heart shackled to desires/in seek of the love and justice of sincere submission
I seek not the carnal desires of men I seek not the seduction of late night conversations
I seek only the grandeur of the Divine
Even in the midst of my own confusion/I seek repentance from the days of before
Never will I claim innocence/since I  am far from a saint or an angel/ I offer up this tainted soul and offer you the rest I have of me


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