Letting Go: The Ultimate Choice

One of the many things that is hard to do is to let go. Many of us are unable to let go of something or someone. We try to figure out every reason why we can’t let go. Also, letting go doesn’t always mean a negative. We sometimes imagine a bestfriend betraying us or a partner going out to cheat. However, this need not be the situation for letting go. We don’t have to imagine extreme scenarios. Of course, betrayal and a lack of trust are good reasons for me to leave. Albeit, sad reasons to leave. Nevertheless, we mustn’t think always in the negative.

Last year, I had a close friend of mine’s tell me that she was holding onto anger because of a friend. She was tired of the constant negativity from her friend. Her friend would constantly say sly comments and hurt her feelings. So, she asked me what she should do. I simply told her that she knew her friend better than I did. She had to decide when enough was enough. Additionally, I told her that she could certainly talk to her friend about these negative comments instead of holding all of the anger inside of her. We usually do not let go until we are fed up. Now, this is a negative situation in which we may choose to let go.

In the midst of all of this, she asked me if I knew about a book called The Art of Letting Go. I knew that I had heard of it, but I had never read it. So, a few weeks later I went to Barnes and Noble with a few friends on the night of my graduation and saw the book that my friend asked me about previously. I couldnt believe it. It was right there. It was a book based in Buddhist philosophy. It was about letting go of negative energy, living in the moment and suffering less. I flew through the book. It was an awesome read. I had began meditation to find mindfulness in my life. I was letting go of the unneccessary things in my life. I was learning to live in the moment. I was learning to live. Many times we hold onto things that weigh us down emotionally. This emotional burden can feel like the weight of the world.

In being fair, letting go is not always in regards to something negative. Two years ago, I was volunteering in teaching ESL to Somali refugees in my city. I would go a few days out of the week after school and work to volunteer. It was really a learning process. I thought I had enough knowledge to teach, but that wasnt the issue. I never had training in teaching English as a second language. I would plan lessons and try to learn their language. This was my first exposure to Somali-culture outside of the Somali-woman I had met in one of my classes. I would look forward to seeing the kids I would teach. We would pray Meghrib, the prayer at sunset and talk about other trivial things. Also, I had my first cup of Somali tea which became my favorite. It reminded me of Chai, Indian tea. Unfortunately, I lived too far and couldnt travel that far as frequently as I did. So, I ended up letting go. I didnt want to, but I knew I should. Not only that, but I wasnt trained in what I was doing. To me, it was a bit selfish to continue. Teaching is serious and the fact that someone may need to be retaught something because of my lack of training wasnt okay with me. So, I made a conscious decision to stop.

We all have to decide what is good or bad for us. Also, we need to know our personal limits. Many people are selfish and do things out of their own desires. It is simply true. No one can stop us from being selfish except for us. Selfishness can hurt you and others. Satisfying yourself for short-term satisfaction can cause harm in the long-run. So, you have to be honest with yourself in deciding to let go.

Only you can decide what to give up.


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