The Act of Dreaming

Last night, I had a dream. Usually, I don’t remember or can’t recall my dreams. However, the dream that I had last night was extremely lively and real. I can recall every facet of it. It is a bit scary because the dream was about something that was on my mind about an event that occured earlier that night before I went to sleep. So, I was really interested in my dream.

My dreams are usually telling. They deal with my subconscious. They deal with issues I repress and things that are bothering me. I hardly ever have silly dreams. Almost always, my dreams are significant in one way or another. My dreams are more complex than the issue of good and evil. They’re deeper.

I dont really know how to approach my dreams. When they happen they just happen. Maybe I will look into the types of dreams that I have. My dreams are pretty straightforward with little symbolism. They arent abstract in nature. So, I may just pursue an analysis of what is going on internally with me.

My dreams have always struck me as weird and interesting. They are neither about good/bad or abstract concepts. Maybe I will just look into this matter.


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