Life After Death by:Deepak Chopra

One of the scariest things for most human-beings is death. Death is one of the most feared act in the world. For some people, death means the end of existence. For others, death is just the beginning. Nonetheless, death is something that awaits all of us. Chopra stated that ” no matter how rich and gifted you are, death is the great equalizer”. Now, how true is that? Interestingly enough, Chopra believes that if one regards death as final because it sees life only in the physical body then this is materialism. Is this true? Possibly.

So, what does it mean to die? Furthermore, Chopra continued to say in his book that “we fear death because it tests our wishes and dreams. We fear to be tested because if we turn out to be wrong, then all of our aspirations feel empty”. Is this really true? What do we expect next? Why do we expect it? Does life begin or end? Or does it just continue?

In the text, Chopra cited a poem that really made me think a lot about the nature of life:

What Will You Give?
What will you give
When death knocks at your door?

The fullness of my life-
The sweet wine of autumn days and summer nights,
My little hoard gleaned through the years,
And hours rich with living.

These will be my gift.
When death knocks at my door.


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