FRIDA KAHLO (1907~1954) : Biography ~~a Woman in …” on YouTube

Assalamu Alaikom (Peace be upon you),

Frida Kahlo is one of my favorite artists. I definitely believe Kahlo was an artist with self-awareness. Yes, she did suffer a lot emotionally because of the events in her home, but she showed an immense amount of passion in her works.

When I first saw Kahlo’s works, I thought she was weird and strange. However, she was uncensored in the emotions she invoked. She painted her reality. She didnt allow anyone to take away her voice. She kept her voice even in times of calamity.

I believe Kahlo is an inspiration for artists everywhere. You shouldnt allow yourself to be silenced or censored. Many people may not understand the things you create or write, but it is yours. Your art is you. It belongs to you. It is you. In recognizing how Kahlo’s love for art manifested itself in her works, I became inspired to just write. Sometimes you are afraid to write or to paint because you dont know how someone may react to it. However, who are you creating  art or writing for? Should it matter? Does it matter? And if Kahlo was asked these questions, she would probably say to simply write and paint whatever is on your mind.

So, in keeping up the spirit of self-awareness and striving for the authentic self, I wanted to share the biography of Frida Kahlo! It isnt that long…to my standards. I guess I was pretty interested the whole time and didnt worry about the time. Anyways, take out an hour and please learn about Frida Kahlo.

Biography ~~a Woman in …:


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