A Letter to Myself


Dear Me,
     You are amazing without a doubt. You may not have everything planned out for yourself, but your Creator is keeping an eye on you. You are never alone in this world. You were made with a purpose. You were created to accomplish dreams, overcome struggles and make the most out of right now. You will find yourself in a mess at times, but never give up. Keep your head up! You are one fascinating young woman. You will look back years from now and laugh. You will see all of the crazy things you said and did. You will love yourself without reservation because you are you.
        As you go through this journey of lfe, I want you to explore. I want you to love dangerously and without regret. I want you to carry love on your sleeves. Every single person wants and needs love, including yourself. Remember that your Lord is watching you at all times, in public and private. Your secrets are not hidden from The Creator. Also, never stop seeking your dreams and goals. You are the captain of your own ship. Plant the seeds of ambition in your soul and let them grow. Have good thoughts and aim for goodness through your limbs. Praise your Creator with ‘Alhumdulilah’ and seek forgiveness with ‘AstaghfiruAllah’. You are indeed a servant of the Most Divine. Never forget the blessings of life. You are here. You are living. You are healthy. Make supplication and give shukr, thanks. You need to always give thanks to others because it is said that a person that isn’t grateful to the creation is not grateful to the Creator. Understand this, people can be a blessing in your life. Don’t leave your blessings behind. Collect them. There is beauty in every person. There is a story to be uncovered, a problem to be solved, love to be given and a heart to be listened to.
           In racing after happiness, I want you to know that true happiness lies in the authentic self. Always remain your own person. Understand the greatness of your on individual self. There is something beautiful in all of us that makes us unique. Your Creator has created the creation with beauty. Your Creator is known as Al-Musawwir, the source of beauty. Make your actions and thoughts beautiful. Give nothing but beauty in your actions and words. Chase beauty! Be beautiful! Your Lord is beautiful and loves beauty!

Lauren Anderson


One thought on “A Letter to Myself

  1. assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh.  really amazing. … that is true. 

    Send from Samsung Mobile

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