Letter #2: The Unapologetic Feminist Within


Dear Lauren, the Unapologetic Feminist,
             I want nothing but the best for you. I mean it from the bottom of my heart. You know how you feel about us women. I know you love us all, but you love men too. You have the heart to say that you are a feminist and Muslim. I know what you are saying, “That is totally awesome with a sprinkle of coolness”. I will concur. However, I want to get to some serious business. You are absolutely astonishing in every way. I know you hate the patriarchal and sexist crap going around within the world, but you can do something. Look at our beloved Malala. She is indeed a leader and an icon for females all over the world. She refuse to be silenced. She speaks about the importance of women and girls becoming educated. So, remember that your voice should never be silenced.
          The early Muslim women of our Islamic-history were vocal and loud in being heard. You should also keep in mind all of the women throughout history that had fought for women to: vote, divorce, inherit, receive equal pay, to obtain birth control and etc. There is much to be done. Now, this is not only about women. Oh no! We must align and educate the young boys and the men of this world about feminism. We must teach them that a system of domination-subjugation is violent and doesn’t create love. This does the opposite. We must work together, as males and females, to tear down these oppressive systems that oppress men and women. Yes, women are the usual victims of these oppressive systems, but so are men. A system that enforces and reinforces violence upon an individual or group is dangerous.
       I want you to remember a statement that Audre Lorde said. She stated that “Your silence will not protect you”. Yes, you have it right there. Your silence will not make the world a better place. Women and females are undergoing gendered-violence all over the world, including America. The most common place for female oppression is within the private-sphere within families and marriages. Too many times you have heard about the rape of women in marriages, the abuse of women in homes and the silencing of the female-voice. Lauren, you have a mission and you must go forth in completing it. At this very moment, you have to decide if you will fight for justice. You must not ignore what is obvious. You have the heart, so do something. You have the guts. I just know it.

Just go out and change the world

With much love,


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