Living Life to the Fullest


    I stood there with iPad in hand, researching effortlessly for things to do this weekend until my manager gave me ideas. He offered a few ideas that I would rather not indulge in, but they were worth the offer. He suggested that I watch trains, learn how to fly a plane, go to a museum or to simply live life. I paused. Over the course of these last months, I’ve been living life. I’ve felt alive. Yes, it’s been a little hard due to external issues, but in all of the struggling I allowed myself to live.
      However, I sometimes like to just become lazy. Yes, I said lazy. Nonetheless, laziness isn’t necessarily living life. So, my manager continued to tell me that he doesn’t want to grow old and find himself regretting the fact that he didn’t do the things he wanted to do. That sort-of scared me. At this point in my life, I believe I have settled in one aspect. I have told myself that if I’m able to sustain myself then all is well. However, is that it? No, it isnt.
         In being the person that I am, I met a monk today. He was a rather interesting fellow. He came to my job to get his phone worked on. So, he quickly caught my gaze and greeted me with “as salamu alaikom”. After receiving a smile from me, he proceeded to tell mde about Muslims he had interacted with previously from other places. He was rather jolly and told me of his affairs for the day with a rather large smile and quirky personality. In directing him towards a place to sit, he started rocking back and forth to the music in the background. In my own ignorance, I asked him if he listened to music and he replied in the affirmative. He simply stated that “music is celebration and I dance too” while demonstrating his moves on the couch he was sitting on. The whole time he smiled and felt at home. I giggled and found myself smiling as well in this brief interaction. Somehow this short interaction allowed me to see how we are all human – beings at the end of the day. There are only few things that separates us in this world. Other than that, we are just humans experiencing life in our own ways.
        So, I continue to think about my upcoming weekend and haven’t really found anything to do. However, it’s okay. The cards will fall as they may. Life isn’t always about planning every last detail out. What will happen will happen. Live life. Living life is simple. Life happens and when it happens…we just have to be ready.


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