The Best Poem Written

I want to die another death with you because it seems that every time I’m with you, I never come back the same

I want to make you my best cup of morning tea and taste every bit of your addicting essence

I want to hold you close and never let go because too few intimate relationships ever last for an eternity

I want to listen to every syllable that drips from your lips because there is something about our conversations that makes me slip up and annihilate into someone new

I want to be the wood that you set on fire in winter because you’ve always set aflame my deepest passions

I want to be your next favorite poem so that you will never forget me years from now

I want to be the next lover you hug with an embrace that will forever be memorable and without words to describe such an act of intimacy

I want to be the covers that wraps you up at night, so I can always be right there with you even when the world drags you beneath them and away from everyone else

I want to be the pain you carry with you in the pockets of your soul, so I can know how much you beckon to be loved and to have loved

I want to be the heart that beats within your body because I know that you only hold within it only those that deserves such a spot in such a special space

I want to be the sun and let my rays kiss you endlessly because you’re the epitome of greatness

I want to be a river and compel you to sit along my river bank, so I can feel just a little bit of your essence

I want to be the moon and tempt you to dance in my light in the midst of darkness because you’re deserving of the spotlight in my eyes

And after all of this
I am constantly slipping away from you
Drifting from what feels right
Hesitating to simply admit that you will always be my best poem yet
That you will always be my best conversation over tea
That you will always be the best story told and now, written

But in between my own doubts, my own limitations, my own chaos and confusion

I love you deeply



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