Silence During Their Absence

Last night reeked of absence
The dark tube took its usual place in the space it’s been provided
But it didn’t speak of the usuals, “I Love Lucy,” “Wheel of Fortune,” “Family Feud,” or the other greats
It simply sat there idle like a bird on a log
Strange how things are when absence appears unexpectantly
The typical chatter didn’t fill the air nor sneak beneath my bedroom door last night
But only silence
A silence I celebrated and mourned all at the same time
A silent whimper crawled up and out of me like the tears that couldn’t hold back
It was different you could say
There wasn’t a festival of voices pursuing trivial conversation nor was there late-night meal cooking from the kitchen
Just silence
The way silence settled last night was unsettling
It didn’t participate in hugs, kisses, jokes, trivial conversations or laughter
It just hung there like an overcast on a rainy day

And in this reckoning,  I found myself beckoning for their return
Before silence would try to make its presence permanent in the midst of their absence


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