The Soul Within

I want to dive in the back alley of my soul
The place where nobody treads
The dark and questionable place
The place where ghouls and demons lie
Where my deepest passions squirms
The place that smells bitter and unadulterated- that place
I want to reach in and hug myself
I want to know that I’m alive and well

I am not dead, but very much alive

There is that back alley way deep within my soul that burns
It’s a civilization that squirms with my deepest fears and yearnings
It screams from within
The back alley bleeds my most sacred passions unexplored

The back alley is a distant place that I haven’t yet traveled to in a while
It stays tightly hidden beneath lies and routine that I forget about it
Or at least I try to
But it gnaws at me with a persistence
It creeps up while performing mundane routines and unfulfilled ventures and cries out to me

It wants me to come and visit
It wants me to take a trip within and see
See what I’m missing


4 thoughts on “The Soul Within

  1. Really, you missed a lot and you need to visit and discover that which you had missed. 

    Send from Samsung Mobile

  2. Asalamualakum sister. Pretty intense writing. May Allah make it easy for you and guide you to the answers you are searching for. May Allah hold your heart steadfast upon his deen.

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