It’s Your Life: Make the Impossible Possible


       I must be honest with myself. I’ve always had this issue with not racing after the life that I seek to live. We all have choices. We all have circumstances. However, we are not our circumstances. I can tell you every reason why I shouldn’t be where I am or what I have become. Nevertheless, I have tried my hardest to never allow my circumstances to stop me. It’s so easy to simply give into your sorrows. It’s easy, but is it what you really want? Probably not. So, it’s best to gather all the strength that you have and change your situation.
        Yes, changing your circumstances may not happen overnight but you can do it. It’s not impossible. It takes some real soul-searching. It does. It takes you to truly reflect on your life right now. We don’t have time to waste. Right now is all that we have. If something or someone doesn’t fit in the plan then make the cut. Some of us spend time with friends and partners that are toxic to our well-being. Cut it! Sometimes it can be as simple as someone that is holding you back for whatever reason. Be real with them and have that conversation. Of course, if the conversation is hard then just remember that this person probably deserves, at the minimum, to know your feelings. Nonetheless,  don’t go back on your initial decision. You have to know that your well-being comes before anyone. You must be selfish in this aspect. If you don’t know how to be selfish about yourself then you’ll be satisfying everyone except for yourself. You know this feeling. It’s the least fulfilling thing you could probably ever do. Make the decision now to turn your life around.
          Now, turning one’s life around may sound pretty treacherous. It’s not. It’s your life. You are the captain of your own ship. You’re running the ship. You’re your own boss. There isn’t anything to explain to anyone. Your life is your business. You are the Guardian over your own life. This is a personal endeavor.  You deserve the best that life can offer you. You shouldn’t feel bad for seeking out what you’re needing. I wouldn’t. We have one life to live. Make it count!  Everyday is a blessing. So, take heed to that piece of advice. You have one shot at this. Make it as fulfilling as possible. Give yourself that! If you don’t, I promise that you will regret it. Make the world shine! Go out there and make the impossible possible.


One thought on “It’s Your Life: Make the Impossible Possible

  1. You’re right it’s our lives and we have to make it count….. but it has to count in the hereafter too otherwise it’s eternal regret.¬†

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