An Intimate Seduction


There was something/ something about the way she sent chills down his spine

Spineless he would become/coming back to back to feel her soft caress at the nape of his neck

Checking to see if he was indeed apart of a dream/ in a world other than here/ hearing the softness of her voice whispering fantasies that the gods would be jealous of

She had taken this man/ her lover/ as prisoner

The air reeked of seduction and passion/ an unfastening of hopes and wishes became instant intimacy

His eyes/ darkened with fire and desire/ teased her with kisses/ hisses crept from her core/ a guttural moan escaped her throat

His fingers danced and crept into places that she never knew existed

Her body became home for his passion/ this man had found the goddess in this woman/ the way he touched was deliberate and sweet

The moon’s gaze had them center-stage with the stars as witnesses to this intense scene of passion-making

The air thick with the scent of he and she/caused an intoxication/a seduction to unfold


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